Soma Massage is a cooperative of body workers who are dedicated to helping clients achieve optimum health and wellness. Our attentive therapists take a holistic approach to pain management and stress related conditions by targeting the root cause and creating a treatment plan that will achieve long lasting results.  No two clients are ever the same and we believe that your distinctive needs should always come first. 

What's New

We now work with motor vehicle accident cases with a referral from a physician or chiropractor.  Our skilled therapists are experienced at handling the unique challenges that come with common motor vehicle accident injuries including whiplash, TMJD, headaches, low back and hip pain.  We gladly bill your automobile insurance directly.

Soma Massage is excited to announce a new therapist on staff.  Lacey Simone has been working as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013.  She brings a lot to our practice and we are sure many of you will enjoy her deep understanding of the body and her unique approach to deep tissue massage.


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